The Stack

To build a successful Web project, you need an efficient and stable foundation.

WordPress is a fantastic platform - until you don’t fall into the “piling heavy plugins” trap - then a nightmare begins.
You should be aware that  somehow, your WordPress site is just as good as your worst active plugin’s code.

That’s why we won’t add bloat to it - well actually we may remove some.

All it takes in order to get started with LiveCanvas is:

  1. A vanilla WordPress install;
  2. The picostrap  theme (our free starter theme);
  3. The LiveCanvas plugin.

Why the Picostrap Theme?

Put simply, it’s the best way to experience Bootstrap on WordPress.

This theme has a built-in SASS compiler, merged  with the WordPress Customizer, so you can make your own customized build of Bootstrap on the fly.

If you’re familiar with Bootstrap what we’re saying here is that basically you can change for example your color variables from the WordPress Customizer, and your Bootstrap CSS build will be automatically updated. And all the pages of your site will react accordingly.

All on the server. No need to install command line tools.

On another side, can I run LiveCanvas on another Theme or on my own custom Theme? 

Of course. The only mandatory requirement is that your Theme must include the Bootstrap CSS.

This is because the LiveCanvas plugin does not add any JS or CSS file to your site. It “expects” to find BootStrap on the Theme.