Shortcuts & Time-saving Tips

To make your work faster in LiveCanvas, starting from version 1.8 we have introduced some shortcuts.

Mouse-based shortcuts

  • Double-clicking the contextual menu labels (eg "Block") will open the corresponding Properties Panel
  • Right-clicking the contextual menu labels (eg "Block") will open the corresponding Code Editor


Keyboard-based general shortcuts

Use the cmd (apple) modifier key on Mac and CTRL on windows

  • cmd-S Saves the current page
  • cmd-E Opens the HTML code editor
  • cmd-L Used while editing an editable text, pastes some Lorem Ipsum dummy text
  • cmd-P Refreshes the Preview (for special situations, like js-based experiments)

The ESC key closes the open windows: code editor or side panel.

Hiding the contextual menu labels

Press the cmd modifier key alone to hide the contextual menu labels.

From v1.8.1, the ESC key can be used as an alternative as well.

Useful when the labels cover up an element you want to click to edit.

Video example:


Code editor keyboard shortcuts

  • cmd-F Search (and replace!) text
  • cmd-G Find Next
  • ctrl-U Make selection uppercase
  • cmd-, Show the settings menu to fully customize the editor
  • View this external page for the complete reference