Introducing LiveCanvas

LiveCanvas is a creative powerhouse, which allows you to quickly craft and refine HTML code - using readymade, high-quality, battle tested pure Bootstrap 5-based blocks. It is basically a premium  WordPress page builder plugin that uses plain HTML code as a source of truth.

You can also define and reuse your own custom HTML chunks too - using some unique HTML5 attributes to make text areas editable.

It comes as a convenient, zero configuration WordPress plugin, with a minimal footprint. No bloat is added - the LC plugins adds no JS or CSS.

Building nice pages will be fast and easy - much easier than hand-coding. Quality and consistency will skyrocket.

It will help you build (and maintain) super fast web pages, that can either be served by WordPress, upon a robust, high performance open source stack - or can be exported as standalone static HTML files.

There is no vendor lock-in at all. Disable the LiveCanvas plugin, site will not stop working as with all the other builders.

Plain HTML is saved onto the database.

LiveCanvas makes it easy to build and maintain great responsive pages.

It’s visual editor lets you easily combine and remix readymade sections and blocks - which are just code snippets.

We include a library of high quality, hand-crafted readymade sections and blocks:

solid, minimal, pure Bootstrap 5  - based HTML code snippets,

well tested in all Bootstrap breakpoints.

But what makes it special is that that you can review and edit  all the generated HTML code, via a live code editor:

you’re always in full control of the markup.

LiveCanvas is a creative environment that encourages experimentation and will make you build better sites.

It’s clean, lightweight and powerful: it won’t get in your way and it will not set any boundaries to your ideas.

You have full, “edge to edge” control of your page.

And most importantly, your  sites will achieve a speed that feels like you've installed that caching plugin - but you haven't.